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Information International is located on the 4th floor of Al-Borj building in Martyr Square. It extends over 660 m2 of private offices, meeting rooms and a well equipped conference room (Al-Muntada) with highly equipped audiovisuals and video conferencing facilities.

Al-Muntada is used for conferences, meetings, workshops and training space as necessary. It can accommodate up to 120 people.

The idea behind “Al-Muntada” is to create a space where Lebanese and foreign committees and organizations, can express themselves freely - whether to debate a certain issue or to organize a workshop or training. It is meant to be a podium to express ideas and to hold conferences, serving the Lebanese society’s best interest and aiming at improving the life of the citizens.


The room is also available for rent. Please contact us for more information. It includes:

  • • Video conference system (2 cameras)
  • • Projector
  • • Satellite cable tv
  • • DVD player/recorder
  • • VHS player/recorder
  • • Wireless internet
  • • Sound system + microphone

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