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Our Team

Our Team

  • Mohammad Chamseddine
    Policy and Research Specialist

    As a practiced research analyst, Mohammad understands the importance of facts and figures in presenting substantiated material. His background in political science coupled with his proven track record of extensive research in the matters of legislation and policy making add value to the company’s research and consultancy services.

  • Alicia Obeid Jammal
    Senior Analyst/Project Manager

    With over nineteen years of professional and project management experience, Alicia has lead multiple teams and steered large-scale projects towards success. Her decade-long devotion has helped Information International to become an authority in the statistics and research industry.

  • Ayman Imad
    Field Research Manager

    Because data collection is a basic component of any research, fieldwork management must be trusted to someone with proven leadership and observation skills. Thanks to his field-tested know-how and the hands-on-experience he has accumulated from the field, Ayman has proven to be a good fit for the job.

  • Rania Abdallah
    Research Specialist

    Rania is the Research Specialist at Information International since 2012. She is responsible for data coding, data entry and questionnaire screening. She also assists in desk research, statistical analysis and data presentation

  • Miguel Khoury
    Database Developer

    Databases have become part of our lives and businesses. During his employment with Information International, Miguel has developed the expertise to design, develop and update databases and data models that facilitate the storage, organization, retrieval and analysis of a large amount of information.

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