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  • The Telegraph
    Sunni militants target Lebanon as 'soft target'

    Sunni militants are moving into Lebanon from Iraq because they regard it as a soft target for terrorist attacks, a British government minister has warned. Several cells, each with up to 12...

  • washington times
    Christians seek visas to flee from Lebanon

    BEIRUT — Christians are fleeing from Lebanon to escape the rise of radical Islam and growing fears that the trend will result in a Sunni-Shi’ite civil war, with minority Christians...

  • Friday lunch club
    NEW Poll by Beirut's 'Information International: Nassrallah & Aoun top the 'leadership' echelon ... emigration a serious issue

    In this most recent Poll, Jawad Adra's "Information International" scans the spectrum for Lebanon's reactions to political leaders (Za'ims), foreign Ambassador's...


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