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Government Trade and Quality Enhancement

# Client Name of Project Location  Services Performed  Date
From To
1 SciTech Systems
Saudi Arabia
Trends in the Saudi Arabian imports of selected commodities from 1990 to 1994 -  Riyadh, Saudi Arabia  Conducted a survey of the Saudi Arabian imports and exports over a period of 5 years to tabulate the major commodities import volume and sources. Determined the ranking of top commodities and exporting countries from 1990 to 1994.
Established the testing laboratory needs in the countries of origin to issue certificates of conformity to Saudi Standards for electrical, chemical, metallurgical, automotive, building material and food products.
Oct-97 Dec-97
2 Inchcape Testing Services
London, UK
Saudi Arabia Regulated Products Imports,  Years 1992,  1993 and 1994 -Riyadh, Saudi Arabia Collection and classification of imports data by top ranking exporters, commodities, countries and regions. Jun-97 Nov-97
3 Inchcape Testing Services
London,  UK
Market Assessment and Pre-Feasibility Study for Laboratory Testing Facilities -   Saudi Arabia Determining the viability of establishing national testing laboratories facilities in the Saudi Arabia. Reviewing the current regulations pertaining to quality certification and testing requirement. Gathering data pertinent to major imports into Saudi Arabia and classifying them by product type group, country and destination to determine market size and types of required laboratories facilities.  Aug-99 Nov-99
4 Inchcape Testing Services
SciTech Systems
London, UK
Pre-shipment Inspection Services for Jordanian   Customs Authority - Amman, Jordan Undertaking a survey of trade imports (IMF, Jordan Statistics & World Bank) into Jordan from the major importing countries to establish program for pre-shipment inspection of products destined for Jordan. The services would provide comparative invoice value to ensure that no under or over invoicing is practiced and to ascertain the quantity and quality of the consigned products in the country of origin. This is meant for the green channel to facilitate the customs clearance procedures at the Jordanian ports of entry and streamline the flow of trade into the country. This would also improve the collected Jordanian customs revenue.  Dec-98 Jan-99
5 United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Western Asia (ESCWA) ISO 14000 – ESCWA Region The purpose of this study was to survey certifying companies and interested firms in Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Lebanon, Syria and Jordan to assess the interest and determine the stages of development in obtaining the ISO 14000 Certification.  Sep-98 Nov-98
6 Intertek Testing Services (ITS)
Ministry of Commerce
Saudi Arabia Standards Organization
Saudi Arabia
Consultancy on the World Trade Organization’s (WTO) Regulations and Standards  Information International has during the past three years provided International American and European firms (commissioned by the Ministry of Commerce and Saudi Arabia Standards Organization) with experts in the regulations of the World Trade organization and particularly the agreements on technical barriers to trade, pre-shipment inspection, sanitary and phytosanitary measures and customs valuation. Consultancy was provided in the procedures and structural changes required to comply with the provisions of these agreements. In addition, our experts participated in the negotiation or accession of Saudi Arabia to the WTO. Jun-96 Mar-97
7 SciTech Systems
Testing and Analytical Laboratories in Lebanon The study aims to assess the viability of establishing laboratory-testing facilities mainly for consumer goods near the port of Beirut, Lebanon.  Information International will compile information about the prevailing market conditions, role and requirements of public and private organizations requiring inspection and testing services, private and official laboratories in Lebanon, legal and administrative conditions as well as the role of the government. Aug-01 Nov-01
8 SciTech Systems
Testing and Analytical Laboratories in Jordan This study aims at investigating the feasibility of establishing an analytical laboratory in Jordan to test products for compliance with international standards. The lab will conduct tests and perform analysis on exportable manufactured goods and imported products into Jordan thru internationally accepted testing procedures. The tests are designed to ensure that the products comply with international standards and quality. Apr-03 May-03
9 SciTech Systems
Standards- Kuwait and Qatar Presentation Presentation of the Regulations and requirements for the Standards and Quality Certification, in addition to a detailed explanation of the work process.  Jun-03 Jun-03


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