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Global Positioning System (GPS)


Global Positioning System (GPS)
# Client Name of Project and Location  Services Performed  Date
From To
1 SRI International
(Formerly, Stanford Research Institute International)
Toot-Toot Project:
The First Car Navigation System in Lebanon
The Social and Cultural Development Association (INMA) and GIS Transport launched on March 4th 2008 the “Toot Toot” project, the first car navigation system in Lebanon. Based on maps of Lebanon and GPS machines, the INMA team could locate 33,000 points of interest throughout the country, which include archeological and natural landmarks, schools, hospitals, religious sites, banks, ATM machines, Lotto centers, restaurants, hotels and other.  The collected data was downloaded in Garmin GPS, a system connected to the satellites which allows the user to determine his position and calculate other information such as speed, trip distance, distance to destination, time and more.
For example, if the user wishes to go to an Italian restaurant, the system lists all Italian restaurants in the country and those closest to his position. The same thing applies to other destinations. The date is in continuous update to fill any lack of information.
Nov-05 Mar-08

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